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PureTree Uses ONLY The Finest Quality Products
For Your Corpus Christi Home

Superior Products For A Superior Kitchen & Bathroom

When remodeling or building your Corpus Christi home, it’s a simple equation: you get exactly what you put in. Some remodeling companies try to get away with saving a few bucks here and scrimping there…but your remodeled kitchen or bathroom never lies. Your remodeled space WILL NOT perform well, last long, or look beautiful if the building blocks are of inferior quality.

That’s why, at PureTree, we’re obsessed with giving you the HIGHEST quality products and materials, so that you get the HIGHEST quality kitchen and bathroom.


Superior Performance

Aside from being pretty to look at, your kitchen and bathroom need to be FULLY operational. And that means that all the products and materials in your kitchen and bathroom have to be up to snuff.

For example, we ONLY use BCI Prime Bath options for your bathroom that include non-porous tile and grout – so you never have to encounter mold. From our semi-custom cabinets with a lacquer paint finish to our factory-made quartz countertops – we make sure that every single product we offer you is a perfect blend of beauty and superior performance.

Check out the kitchens and baths in our gallery to see our work!

Superior Strength

At PureTree, we know that kitchens and bathrooms are supposed to be lived in. That’s why we make sure that our products can withstand being walked on, opened and closed…and even banged up a little.

Our kitchen quartz counters and quality cabinets can handle messy cooking and high temperatures. And our water-resistant, non-slip bathroom tiles can tolerate as much splashing as you want.

Bottom line: Our kitchens and bathrooms are designed for you to LIVE in them.

Superior Coverage

Is a company willing to stand behind its products? The answer to this question can tell you A LOT about a product. When a product is made solidly, with quality materials, and with all the proper finishing touches, there’s absolutely NO reason it shouldn’t come along with an ironclad warranty. The manufacturer should have no problem backing such an excellent product.

A warranty that’s full of fluff and loopholes is a red flag. How great can a product be if the manufacturer of the product isn’t willing to pledge allegiance to it?

We ONLY use products that are backed by a warranty. And not any flimsy old warranty – every single one of our products comes along with a REAL warranty.

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