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Your Home Is In Skilled, Experienced & Dedicated Hands

The Kitchen & Bath Remodeler That Does Everything RIGHT…
And Does It WELL.

WHO is working in your home and HOW are they working? The answer to these questions determines the quality of a company’s workmanship.

Here are our answers to those questions:

  • Every single one of our employees is highly skilled, comes with years of experience, and is hyper-diligent.
  • We establish crystal-clear expectations at the start of every remodeling project so that our installers know exactly what to do.
  • We have very high installation standards that are non-negotiable. Our system for quality control ensures that these standards are ALWAYS kept.


Selective Hiring Process

We take our hiring process VERY seriously. This is the process that determines who will represent us in our customers’ homes. That’s why we don’t only look at the basics – like drug screenings and background checks. We also look for people who share our values.

This is what our hiring checklist looks like:

  • Has a service-minded mentality
  • Values family
  • Is a good communicator
  • Has integrity
  • Is loyal

Before we hire someone, EVERY one of these boxes must be checked. Otherwise, the candidate is not a good fit for our company.

Crystal-Clear Expectations From Start To Finish

We’ve discovered that doing the job right the first time around all boils down to CLEAR EXPECTATIONS from the get-go.

  • It starts with our salespeople. When they speak with potential customers for the first time, they make sure to listen well and ask the right questions so they get all the facts straight.
  • Then, we’re careful to list EVERY last thing on the contract so that there are absolutely NO gray areas. Our line itemization includes things that many remodeling companies don’t even ask about!
  • When it’s time for our installers to begin the remodeling work, they know exactly what to do – down to the smallest detail. There’s no room for uncertainty, and that leaves no room for error.

When we work on your remodeling project, we don’t EVER just “get started anyway” or “figure things out as we go.” Nothing is up in the air. Nothing is open to interpretation. And nothing is open-ended.

Sky-High Installation Standards

If you try to reinvent the lightbulb, you probably won’t invent anything. That sums up our installation ideology. No matter what you’re installing, you’re always better off following the manufacturer’s guidelines. That’s why we make sure that every one of our installers is thoroughly trained.

Bathrooms: Our employees are certified and trained installers from Prime Bath.

Cabinets: The majority of our installers are carpentry trained and have 25+ years of experience installing cabinets.

Roofs: We follow windstorm engineering guidelines and Owens Corning installation standards.

Windows: Our window manufacturer, MI Windows, sends a team down to train our installers.

Aside from adhering to installation standards and guidelines, we place a HUGE emphasis on quality control. Our project superintendents – all former lead installers – go to the job site every day to inspect the quality of the work. If any issues crop up, the superintendents are there to offer support and guidance to our installers.

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