Core Values

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The PureTree Principles

These Core Values Are Part Of Our DNA

The PureTree principles are the values at the root of every decision we make, every action we take, and every direction we head in. The awards we’ve won, the rave reviews we’ve received, and the thousands of successful projects we’ve completed are all the result of these hard and fast values at the core of our company.



Integrity is doing the right thing when nobody’s looking. We’ve trained our team to let us know right away if something goes wrong so that we can respond quickly, in the right manner. Mistakes will happen; what matters is how we respond. Covering up mistakes, shifting blame, and shirking responsibility don’t fly at PureTree.


Loyalty is a 2-way street – it’s always reciprocated. We extend loyalty to our employees and expect loyalty in return. Once WE have loyalty, we can be loyal to our customers. We make a point to always show up for our customers. Once a customer, always a customer.


At PureTree, the customer experience is on our minds constantly. Understanding what our customers are feeling is our top priority. Throughout every stage of the remodeling process, we regularly stop to assess how our customers are feeling and to make slight adjustments to the process.


The remodeling industry has a bad rap. So, when it comes to proving that we’re trustworthy, we need to do double the work. We need to prove to you that we’re not untrustworthy, and then we can show you – through our actions – that we’re trustworthy. We guarantee that we’ll fix any mistakes or errors that are related to our work on your home. It’s important to us that every customer knows in their bones that we have their best interests at heart.

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