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The Corpus Christi Remodeling & Building Team
That Shares MORE Than A Title

PureTree Is A Culture, Not Just A Company

The difference between a remodeling company with a culture and a remodeling company without a culture is the difference between a successful remodeling project and a nightmare.

A culture is the glue that holds a company together. It provides unity, loyalty, shared values, accountability, and kinship. Without those things, a remodeling company is just…a group of people flung together who happen to know about remodeling houses.


A Service Mentality

At PureTree, the customer is KING. This mindset informs everything we do. The empathetic way we speak and listen to customers. The emphasis we place on providing our customers with a pleasant remodeling experience from start to finish. The care we take to leave our customers’ homes clean and disrupt their day-to-day lives as little as possible. It’s ALL about the customer. ALL the time.

Family Values

A central part of PureTree’s culture is our focus on family values. We all have families and we all appreciate the family unit. We want to be the people our customers feel comfortable inviting to dinner with their families.

We make a point to be out of our customers’ homes by 4:30 pm, and we don’t work weekends. This gives us the opportunity to spend time with our own families and recharge for the week ahead. It also automatically limits the amount that we encroach upon our customers’ private family time.


We use Company Cam – a communication app that makes it easy to be accountable. The app consists of a checklist of tasks that need to be completed. In order to complete a given task, the user needs to upload pictures of the completed job. Every field tech can access the app and comment on any photos. This software links our entire company and ingrains a sense of accountability in every employee.

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