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PureTree Takes Your Corpus Christi Project SERIOUSLY

That’s Why We Make Sure To Really HEAR Every Word You Say

Remodeling is about personal preferences and individual style just as much as it’s about installing flooring and cabinets. The thing is, while most homeowners know nothing about installation, we start off knowing NOTHING about our customers’ tastes. Hearing and understanding the customer’s desires is a critical part of the remodeling process. And we make sure to get it RIGHT.



Really hearing someone takes skill and empathy – two things we try to ingrain in our employees. Our number one goal at the start of every remodeling project is to make sure our customers are HEARD. We try to understand what they TRULY want and need, and we make sure this is reflected when we itemize our proposals. This sets the whole pace of customer interaction.

While our “foot soldiers” harness their listening and communication skills in the field, our project coordinators communicate with the customers on the back end. If there is any technicality that the homeowner needs to know – new dates, delays, product availability – the project coordinators fill them in right away.

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No Pressure

The goal of every one of our design consultants is to find the BEST solution for that particular customer. There’s nothing that screams “I don’t care about your wants and needs” more than an aggressive salesman. When a salesman is uncomfortably pushy, it becomes all about the sale and NOT about the customer. There’s NO place for needling or aggressiveness – whether passive or overt – in our sales process.

We give every customer the leeway to make a decision during the first meeting. If they’re ready to take the plunge, we’re all set to start remodeling as soon as they sign the contract. If they need more time, we invite them to our selection center to look at our products.

We love what we do, and we’re eager to get started right away – but never at the expense of our customers’ comfort.

A Professional State Of Mind

Being professional is not just about a company shirt and badge – although our employees do have that. It’s how you think about yourself. The way an employee thinks about himself translates into a walk, a talk, a look, and an attitude.

At PureTree, we carry ourselves like professionals because we think of ourselves as professionals. We speak clearly and articulately, we’re clean and we keep the job site clean, and we take responsibility for our actions because we’re professionals who provide a valuable service.

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