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Hurricane-PROOF, Stress-PROOF Windows
For Your Corpus Christi Home

Windows Made Exactly For The Corpus Christi Climate

Windows open your Corpus Christi home to the outdoors. They usher in sunshine, nature, and fresh air. Unfortunately, if your windows are not up to snuff, they can also bring in cold, rain, and drafts.

At PureTree, all of our windows are engineered for the Corpus Christi climate. When we install your windows, you can feel totally secure – no matter how rough the weather gets.


Hassle-Free Process

Our window replacement process is designed to give you maximum peace of mind. We always keep the focus on YOU and maintain crystal clear communication from your window assessment to installation – and beyond. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect throughout the PureTree window replacement process:
  1. Window Assessment: On our first visit to your home, we’ll take exact measurements of your windows. We also come with samples of different window styles and materials for you to look at. We’ll have a conversation with you about the style you’re going for, your preferences, and your needs. We’ll also invite you to visit our selection center so that you can interact with the products we offer.
  2. Installation: As soon as your products arrive in our warehouse, we’re ready to begin the installation process. Our trained team of installers will come down to your home and start working on your windows.

Premium Windows

At PureTree, we only give you superior products . We don’t install bland or average windows. We give you highly durable, stunning windows with multiple styles for you to choose from. These are some highlights of our windows:
  • Durability: We offer hurricane-proof, impact-rated windows built to meet engineering standards for the coast.
  • Styles: You can choose from many different style windows, including single-hung windows that have one operational part, double-hung windows that have two moving parts, and picture windows that are non-operational.
  • Panes: We offer double-pane windows, low E windows that have less of a tint on the outside of the glass, and energy-efficient windows that have argon gas between the glass panels to stop heat transfer from outside and AC from leaking out.
  • Glass & Material: You can choose from different glass types, including obscured glass and rain glass. Your choice of materials includes vinyl and aluminum.

TRENDING: White Vinyl Single-Hung Windows

These popular windows have a single operational sash that slides up and a top half that’s stationary. Their simplicity makes them easy to clean, and their understated elegance and modern aesthetic are well-suited to contemporary-style homes.

Visit our window gallery to see more examples of our work.

Professional Installers

When PureTree installs your windows, we do it to PERFECTION. We don’t just hack it or figure it out on our own – every one of our window installers is trained in our window manufacturer’s installation standards. We’re trained by the people who CREATE the windows we’ll be installing. No one knows these windows better than they do, and they give us all the tools and skills we need to install them flawlessly. But don’t just take our word for it. Every window we install is certified and inspected by windstorm engineers. We give every customer a document stating that their windows are safely installed. You can have absolute peace of mind that your home is safe and secure.

Contact Us

We’re happy to answer all your questions and concerns you have regarding our features. If you’re ready, we’ll also get you scheduled for our FREE no-pressure, no-obligation consultation with one of our renowned remodeling specialists.