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Corpus Christi Kitchen Remodeling That’s
Boldly Beautiful, Fabulously Functional…
And Distinctly YOU

Our Process, Products & People Produce A Stunning
Kitchen Transformation You’ll Positively LOVE.

It’s YOUR Corpus Christi home, YOUR kitchen, and YOUR life.

At PureTree, we’re here to serve YOU. And every one of our team members works on your kitchen remodel with that mindset. That’s why we have so many thrilled customers. And that’s why your kitchen remodel will be exactly what you’re dreaming of.

You can take a risk and hire a remodeling company that doesn’t make sure that EVERY part of your remodeling project is done with your happiness in mind. Or, you can do it the PureTree way…

Smooth process with quick turnaround time, designed to give you maximum peace of mind? .

Products that are durable, high-quality, and stunning – and crafted to YOUR specifications? .

Workers you can trust with your home and around your family? .


PureTree Process

Some remodeling companies crush it on the first sales call. Some have all the bells and whistles when it comes to the design process. Others have a highly efficient installation process.

It’s rare to find a company that does all of those things. That’s where PureTree differs from every other remodeling company. We excel at EVERY part of the remodeling process.

Our highly effective systems are in place from the very first sales call until your remodeling project is FULLY done – precisely to your liking.

Step 1: Design

Our design consultant will meet with you in your home. This is the time for you to explain exactly what you want, share inspiration photos, and ask all the questions you have. Our design consultant will show you samples of products and materials you can choose from.

Choosing products and materials for your kitchen remodel can be completely overwhelming. There are so many styles, colors, and materials to choose from – it can make your head spin. That’s why we invite you to our fully stocked and well-organized selection center.

At our selection center, you’ll be able to feel the products and materials up close to get a better understanding of how they’ll look in your home. Since we narrow down our selection to products and materials that are applicable to YOUR remodel, you won’t be swamped with hundreds of irrelevant options. You’ll be able to make educated choices and feel confident about the products and materials you select.

Step 2: Project Development

At PureTree, we absolutely HATE uncertainty. So many remodeling disasters could be avoided if remodeling companies make sure to get EVERY detail down pat, develop a SPECIFIC timeline, and have CLEAR expectations.

We put in the time and effort to put together a highly detailed outline of the work that needs to be done – including every specification, no matter how minor it seems. Once we hammer that out, we’ll present you with an accurate quote, a precise timeline for your project, and the contract for you to sign. By the time you sign our contract, we have a VERY concrete idea of what your project involves and how long it will take us.

Depending on what you selected, your products will arrive at our warehouse between two and four weeks. Our cabinets and countertops typically have a quick ten-day turnaround time. At any point during the project development phase, you can request a 3D rendering of your kitchen remodel from our certified designers.

Step 3: Installation

When your products and materials arrive at our warehouse, we’ll contact you to schedule a convenient time to begin the installation process. Since we’re focused on getting every last detail RIGHT from the beginning, our installers have a very clear plan to follow. This clarity, combined with our sky-high installation standards, results in meticulous workmanship .

Our carpentry-trained installers will work steadily on your kitchen remodel, using our company software to check off tasks as they go. Our project manager oversees your entire project, providing guidance and support throughout your kitchen remodel. This gives us TIGHT control over the outcome of your project. We can make sure EVERY last thing is done right the first time – and that NOTHING is overlooked.

PureTree Products

We don’t skimp. We don’t go the cheap route to save a buck. And we never compromise on quality. A PureTree product is beautiful, excellent quality, and made to last.

These are some highlights of our premium cabinets and countertops:

Top Quality Hardwood Cabinets

  • Smooth Operation: Seamless operation and soft-closing feature.
  • Solid Construction: Well-built with excellent finishes.
  • Plywood-Based: Most custom cabinets made of MDF and furniture board fall apart when in contact with water. Our cabinets have solid wood frames and doors made from highly sanded, top-quality plywood.
  • Lacquer Paint: All of our cabinets are coated with scratch-resistant lacquer paint that is also soft to the touch, despite being durable and strong.
  • Twenty-Two Styles And Colors: If you want it, we probably have it! You can mix and match colors for the top and bottom of your cabinets and choose a different color island. We also have a huge selection of hardware styles.
  • Water And Stain-Resistant: Our cabinets are clear coated. That means water doesn’t hurt our cabinets, and spills don’t lead to stains. Drips and spills slide right off the clear coating without getting absorbed.
  • Undermounted Drawers: Our kitchen drawers have invisible hardware because they’re mounted from underneath. Like our cabinets, they’re soft closing.

TRENDING: Shaker-Style Cabinets

Shaker-style cabinets are the #1 selling cabinets in the nation. Their minimalistic design gives your kitchen a clean and ultra-modern feel. Shaker-white is very popular and shaker-sand is a close runner-up.

Visit our kitchen gallery to see more examples of our work.

Exquisite Stone Countertops

  • Multiple Materials And Styles: We don’t confine you to any one style or material – you’re free to choose the style and material that suits your home best. The materials we offer include granite, quartz, and quartzite.
  • SIX Levels Of Granite: We offer many kinds of granite countertops, ranging in price and exclusivity. Whether you’re looking for something more affordable or you want something exotic – we have the perfect granite countertop for your kitchen.
  • Non-Porous Quartz: Our manufactured quartz countertops offer you all the beauty of natural stone with the added benefits of predictability and water resistance. They’re dense, breathtaking, and low-maintenance.

TRENDING: White Quartz With Gray Veins

This countertop is popular for good reason. It’s breathtakingly stunning, low-maintenance, and water and stain-resistant.

PureTree People

We want you to feel 100% at ease with whoever enters your home. It’s your home and YOUR comfort zone. We hire and train motivated people who share our values. Every one of our team members is a worthy representation of PureTree.

When PureTree is in your home, you can feel confident about ALL of these things:

  • They’re highly trained and skilled – they know exactly what they’re doing.
  • They respect your home, your possessions – and your family.
  • They’re focused on giving you a pleasant remodeling experience.
  • They CARE about the success of your kitchen remodel and want it to be everything you’re dreaming of.

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