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Build Your Dream Home In Corpus Christi With
NO Delays, Hiccups, Or Budget Overruns

PureTree Delivers Everything You Envisioned…
In A Stress-Free Package

Does building a new home seem hugely overwhelming? You’re not alone. Most Corpus Christi homeowners find the idea of building a new home daunting and more than a little nerve-wracking.

At PureTree, we believe that building a new home should be an exciting and enjoyable experience. You shouldn’t be bogged down by delays, mistakes, or concerns.

That’s why we came up with a home-building process that is entirely STRESS-FREE.

From our exact blueprints to our constant communication with you and total oversight of your project – we leave nothing to chance and NO stress or worry for you.


It Starts With A Precise Blueprint

We’ll collaborate with you and with our design firm to develop a design concept and ultimately a fully ironed-out blueprint that is practical, beautiful, and within your budget.

At PureTree, we pride ourselves on our clear communication. We realized a long time ago that if we can nail the communication aspect of constructing a new home, we’ve eliminated 80% of the stress and hassle that goes into building a home.

When we meet with you to come up with a design concept for your new home, we’re incredibly focused on getting every single detail RIGHT. Some would call us nitpicky or OCD – but we know that hammering out every tiny detail before starting is what works. When you leave NO loose ends, you have NO last-minute issues, change-of-plans, or delays that hold up the home-building process and frustrate everyone.

Engineered For Success

We follow all the rules – because that’s the path to success. Before starting construction, we make sure to get all the right permits. We also meet with engineers who do the windstorm and structural process. They’ll make sure that your home is optimized for the Corpus Christi climate and that it can be safe for your and your family.

We don’t take any risks when building your home because we want everything to go smoothly and safely.

TRENDING: Mediterranean-Style Stucco Home

Mediterranean-style homes allow for enjoyable indoor and outdoor living and are increasingly sought-after in warmer climates. An outdoor courtyard in the center of this home provides the ideal space for a pool, enclosed pergolas, and a relaxing, private outdoor setting.

Visit our home building gallery to see more examples of our work.

Maximum Oversight

Our superintendent and project managers oversee every step of your home build to ensure that everything is going smoothly. This non-stop oversight results in meticulous workmanship. There is no slacking off, cutting corners, or taking the easy way out on our watch.

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