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Stellar Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling In Sinton, TX

PureTree Gives You Stellar Products AND A Stellar Experience

At PureTree, we’re single-mindedly focused on treating you and your Sinton home with the respect and care you deserve.

When we work on your Sinton kitchen and bathroom we place a considerable emphasis on your remodeling experience. We aim to give you everything you’re dreaming of, with NO stress or worry.

PureTree gives you a beautiful kitchen and bathroom remodel and an enjoyable experience.


PureTree Leaves NOTHING Open-Ended

We learned a long time ago that the key to doing the job correctly the first time is setting clear expectations. From our initial encounter with potential customers, our salespeople are careful to listen WELL and ask the right questions to get a complete picture of the customer’s vision and needs. This attitude is apparent in the way we list everything on the contract – no matter how small. We leave NOTHING open to interpretation. This way, when it’s time for our installers to begin working on your remodel, there is very little room for error.

Don’t Forget To Ask These 5 Questions
When Looking For The Best Remodeler In Sinton, TX

1. How Can I Hear From Your Previous Customers?
Hear from our customers by reading reviews and case studies.  
2. How Much Experience Do You Have?
We’ve been in the remodeling and home building industry since 2005, and we’ve won many awards along the way.
3. Do You Offer Many Product Options?
Absolutely. We offer many different styles and colors. For example, we have 22 different color cabinets. You can visit our selection center to view all of our product options.  
4. What Are Your Hiring Criteria?
We have a very selective hiring process. In addition to drug screenings and background checks, we only hire individuals who share our core values.  
5. Do Your Products Come With Good Warranties?
We believe that if a product is top quality, the manufacturer is not afraid to provide an ironclad warranty. Every product we offer comes along with a no-fluff warranty, and many of our products have lifetime warranties. Our design consultants can let you know all about the warranties for the products you selected.

A Glimpse Of The PureTree Experience

  • PureTree People: We have a VERY selective hiring process. In addition to looking at the basics – like drug screenings and background checks, we also handpick people who share our values.
  • PureTree Products: We INSIST on providing you with extremely high-quality products and materials so that your kitchen or bathroom is long-lasting and stunning.
  • PureTree Process: We want your remodeling project to be entirely stress-free and hassle-free. We provide support and guidance to you throughout every step of the remodeling process so that you have a 100% enjoyable experience.
  • PureTree Principles: Our values guide us every step of the way.

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Are you ready to take your Sinton home to the next level? Contact PureTree today for a free consultation! You can also visit our selection center to find out what we can do for you. Are you outside of Sinton, TX? We service many areas throughout the Coastal Bend. Look through our service areas to find out if we service your hometown.