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Stunning & Stress-Free Kitchen And
Bathroom Remodeling In North Beach, TX

PureTree Gives You Gorgeous Results With A Hassle-Free Process

When PureTree remodels your North Beach kitchen or bathroom, our goal is to give you an entirely stress-free experience.

Here are some of the ways we do that:

We have crystal clear communication throughout your entire project – so that nothing is lost in translation. We ONLY hire highly skilled and experienced workers who share our values. We want you to feel FULLY comfortable when we’re in your home.

Our project superintendents visit the job site EVERY DAY to oversee the installation process and to nip any problems in the bud. We want to leave you with a STUNNING kitchen and bathroom and super pleasant memories of your remodeling experience.


How PureTree Eliminates Miscommunication

From the beginning of your remodeling project, we take steps to avoid miscommunication hassles. When conducting the first phone call with potential customers, our salespeople listen intently and ask questions to get all the correct details. Then, we itemize everything on the contract to leave nothing open to interpretation. When our installers begin working, they know precisely what to do – down to the tiniest detail.

5 Questions North Beach Homeowners
Should Ask When Looking For A Remodeling Company

1. Where Can I Read Reviews From Your Customers?
Visit our reviews page to read dozens of glowing reviews!  
2. How Long Have You Been In This Industry?
We’ve been in the remodeling and home building industry since 2005. Along the way, we’ve learned valuable lessons and become better at what we do.  
3. Do You Offer A Range Of Product Styles & Colors To Choose From?
Absolutely. We don’t restrict you to only a few options. Our cabinets come in 22 different styles and colors. We also offer multiple hardware options. You can visit our selection center to view all of the products we offer.  
4. How Do You Decide Who To Hire?
We have a rigorous hiring process because we are cautious about who joins the PureTree team. In addition to conducting drug screenings and background checks, we also only hire individuals who share our core values.  
5. Do Your Products Come With Good Warranties?
We ONLY use products that are backed by a warranty. And not any flimsy old warranty – every single one of our products comes with a REAL warranty. Ask our design consultants about the warranties for your products!

Why PureTree Is The Company For YOU

  • The PureTree company culture is rooted in a service mentality, family values, and accountability.
  • Proper communication is a CENTRAL part of the PureTree remodeling process. We set crystal clear expectations, and we work to truly understand your needs and preferences.
  • Meticulous workmanship is our NUMBER ONE goal, and we keep to extremely high installation standards to achieve that on every job.

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Are you ready to take your North Beach home to the next level? Contact PureTree today for a free consultation! You can also visit our selection center to find out what we can do for you. Are you outside of North Beach, TX? We service many areas throughout the Coastal Bend. Look through our service areas to find out if we service your hometown.