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Kingsville Kitchens & Bathrooms That AMAZE

PureTree Gives You Top-Of-The-Line Products AND A Hassle-Free Remodeling Experience

If you’re a homeowner in Kingsville, and you want a stunning kitchen and bathroom without any of the usual remodeling stresses – look no further! When PureTree remodels your Kingsville kitchen or bathroom, you’re guaranteed to get the kitchen or bathroom that checks all of your boxes – through an entirely stress-free process. Here are some of the ways we achieve that:
  • We listen to you properly, and we communicate with you regularly throughout your project.
  • We hire highly skilled and experienced workers who have family values.
  • We follow strict installation guidelines from the manufacturers of our products.
  We give you the kitchen and bathroom of your dreams and a stress-free remodeling experience. SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION

PureTree’s Focus On Family

One of the values that our company culture is founded on is a focus on family. We have the utmost respect for the family unit, and we understand how important it is to keep your family safe and sound. That’s why, when we look for members to join the PureTree team, we specifically look for individuals who appreciate and value family. Our goal is for you to feel 100% comfortable with PureTree workers in your home.

5 Questions To Ask Your Remodeler In Kingsville, TX

1. How Can I Hear From Your Previous Customers?
Hear from our customers by reading reviews and case studies.  
2. How Much Experience Do You Have?
We’ve been in the remodeling and home building industry since 2005, and we’ve won many awards along the way.
3. Do You Offer Many Product Options?
Absolutely. We offer many different styles and colors. For example, we have 22 different color cabinets. Visit our selection center to view all of our product options.  
4. What Are Your Hiring Criteria?
We have a very selective hiring process. In addition to drug screenings and background checks, we only hire individuals who share our core values.  
5. Do Your Products Come With Good Warranties?
We believe that if a product is top quality, the manufacturer is not afraid to provide an ironclad warranty. Every product we offer comes along with a no-fluff warranty, and many of our products have lifetime warranties. Ask our design consultants about the warranties for the products you’re purchasing.

A Peek At The PureTree Experience

  • PureTree People: Every PureTree team member is worthy of being the face of our company. We ONLY hire like-minded people who share our values – in addition to being highly experienced and qualified.
  • PureTree Products We don’t ever take the cheap route when it comes to providing products and materials. Quality is our top priority because we want your kitchen and bathroom to perform FLAWLESSLY.
  • PureTree Process: We have highly effective systems in place from the initial design consultation until your remodeling project is FULLY done – so that you have a completely hassle-free experience.

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Are you ready to take your Kingsville home to the next level? Contact PureTree today for a free consultation! You can also visit our selection center to find out what we can do for you. Are you outside of Kingsville, TX? We service many areas throughout the Coastal Bend. Look through our service areas to find out if we service your hometown.