We Treated Stephanie’s “No Shoe Zone”
With Maximum Respect & Consideration

April 19, 2022
Case Study

This Customer Had HIGH Cleanliness Standards For Her Home,

And PureTree Lived Up To Them All

For the first time in their lives, Stephanie and her husband were dipping their toes in the wide, wild world of remodeling. It was scary.

Stephanie and her husband were first-time homeowners – this bathroom remodel was their biggest home improvement project. At first, they were apprehensive about the whole remodeling process – the mess, the expense, and the uncertainty.

But, all of their doubts disappeared as soon as they realized what PureTree is all about .

Throughout their remodeling project, there were big and small clues that let them know exactly what kind of company was working on their home.

Like our design consultant who actually listened to their ideas…

Our fully locked and loaded selection center

Our focus on cleanliness…

And our speedy problem resolution.

Three Kids, One Tub

Stephanie’s goal for this remodel was to redo her bathroom so her three little kids could play in the tub and not wreak havoc on the area.

At the design consultation, Stephanie came prepared with a detailed vision for her bathroom that included a glassed-in tub and shower area. Her design consultant had some suggestions to help turn her dream bathroom into a reality.

“They had a lot of really great ideas, and they gave me some resources to do my own digging,” Stephanie said.

Crunching The Numbers

When it comes to purchasing products, some people want others to do the math for them. Not Stephanie’s husband. As an accountant, crunching numbers was his happy place.

“They let us buy big price items and took it off the total cost of the remodel,” Stephanie said.

Stephanie and her husband were grateful that PureTree gave them the leeway to buy a lot of the bigger products on their own. They were free to hunt for bargains and great deals to their heart’s content.

No Spillover Mess

Cleanliness is very important to Stephanie. Her home is an orderly and pristine place, where shoes are removed upon entry – not the ideal habitat for a messy remodel. But this bathroom remodel was anything BUT messy.

“They were all-around really nice gentlemen. I didn’t worry about them being in the house. They were polite, and they were clean. They vacuumed every day.” Stephanie said.

The PureTree crew covered the floors to protect them from dust and debris. They also cleaned up thoroughly every day before leaving. The bathroom remodel was in the master bathroom, but Stephanie and her husband could still sleep in their bedroom because the workers made sure the area was clear.

Swift Problem Resolution

A few weeks post-remodel, Stephanie was using the sink when she noticed that her faucet was a little jiggly. She called PureTree right away. And they came right away.

“I gave them a call, and they came out the next day,” Stephanie said.

We don’t ever want a customer to have to call us twice. If there’s a problem – we resolve it. It’s that simple.

At PureTree, we treat you and your home with the respect and consideration you deserve. Contact PureTree for a remodeling and home building experience that doesn’t include mess and chaos.

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