The Time We Paid $1500 To Fix A Broken
Window – That We Probably Didn’t Break

June 24, 2022

The Customer Had This Whodunnit All Figured Out…
But We Weren’t So Sure

It was a giant picture window, and it would’ve been stunning – but there was a clear break in the glass.

The customer was convinced that one of our workers had accidentally smashed the glass while working on his home. None of our workers had seen anything or mentioned anything about a broken window. It was the customer’s word against ours – a remodeling company’s nightmare.

What do you do in this kind of situation?

Here’s what PureTree did.


This was no small project. We had been working on building an outdoor kitchen area for this customer for over six months. The homeowner also wanted us to build an extension on his home.

There was a lot of money involved – over $100,000 – and there were already a few hiccups along the way. We did our best to resolve every issue with minimal stress to the customer, but this project had taken a toll on all involved.

PureTree Principle # 3 – Service: A service mentality is woven into our company culture . When evaluating a customer’s overall experience, we ALWAYS look at the big picture. You entrust us with your home and your money – and it’s our job to give you peace of mind and a pleasant experience. This customer had already been through the wringer, and we didn’t want him to experience any more stress.


The window was broken – but who broke it?

All we knew was this: At some point during his remodeling project, the customer noticed that his window was broken. We also knew that the broken window occurred over a weekend, and not one of our team members reported a broken window.

The customer declined to have us look at his security cameras, so we had no idea how the window was broken or who did it.

PureTree Principle # 3 – Loyalty: We have a ride-or-die attitude when it comes to our customers. If this customer believed that we broke his window, that’s what happened. We took his word at face value because loyalty to our customers is more important to us than being “right.”


We might not have broken the window, but we definitely would’ve broken this customer’s trust in us if we didn’t take ownership of the problem.

We didn’t want one broken window to be all the customer remembered about his experience with us… so we paid to fix it.

We never did find out how that window was broken.

PureTree Principle # 2 – Trustworthy: Trust is fragile. It’s tough to create… and incredibly easy to break. When faced with a choice that might make or break a customer’s trust in us, we always choose to go above and beyond the call of duty to prove that we’re trustworthy.

At PureTree, we don’t follow our whims, egos, or “hearts” – we live our lives according to the PureTree Principles . Contact the remodeling and home building company that always takes the high road.

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