See Why About 25% Of Our Projects Are For Repeat Customers

November 22, 2022

Why 1 In 4 Of Our Home Remodeling Projects
In Corpus Christi Are For Repeat Customers

It’s Got A Lot To Do With Loyalty.
Big & Small Projects Alike, We Come Through!

There’s no such thing as a company that stays in business and grows for over a decade – we’re working on two – without repeat customers. And while the average Corpus Christi homeowner engages in roughly 4-6 projects throughout the time they own their ‘forever’ homes (not to mention fixer-uppers), it’s FAR more common for them to bounce around from one contractor to another thanks to poor service/experience and results.

At PureTree, we have to say conservatively that 20-25% of our projects throughout the year, so one of every four, is for a family coming back to us.

  • They had us install new windows, and now they want us to do their Roof Replacement.
  • They had us transform the guest bathroom, and now they want us to do the master.
  • We handled their kitchen remodeling goals, and now they want a home extension built.
  • They had us come to do something small to test us, then unleashed the floodgates.

How About An Example

Have you ever had any B & J’s Pizza on Padre Island, Dr.? They’ve been around since the 1970s and have another location at the corner of S. Staples and Timbergate on the south side. We initially came in just to help fix some sheetrock and ended up redoing their bar, the soda foundation station, and the countertops.

We also did some bathroom remodeling work for one of their team. You can learn more about it by reading Nicole’s Case Study.

Are we an award-winning home remodeler and home construction company? Yes, considered one of the best.

Does that mean we wave off small or ‘help me!’ projects that other less loyal contractors typically turn away? No.

The people across the Coastal Bend region and greater Corpus Christi know they can count on PureTree. Here are three other things for which we’re known.

Superior Remodeling Products:
Focus On Performance, Strength & Coverage

Bottom line: Our kitchens and bathrooms are designed for you to LIVE in them. We continue to offer custom-designed, Superior Products that stand the test of time and provide you with functional value.

  • They’re not just pretty to look at but dependable and fully operational.
  • They’re durable and manufactured to be used!
  • We ONLY use products backed by a warranty. And not any flimsy old warranty – every one of our products comes with a REAL iron-clad, customer-centric warranty.

Stunning Results Thanks To:
Crystal-Clear Communication & Sky-High Standards

We’re not the classic ‘man in a van’ or ‘chuck and his truck’ operation. PureTree is an established team that believes in by-the-book procedures, a thoroughly detailed process, and obsessively…Meticulous Workmanship.

Then, baked into our cake are internal communication programs we use to keep every project’s team on the same page, instantly made aware of issues or challenges, and able to collaborate on quick same-day solutions.

Great Remodeling Experiences:
Built On Integrity, Service, Trustworthiness & Loyalty

Underlying everything we do and all our decisions is a commitment to our Core Values:

  • Integrity – to us, it’s always doing the right thing, especially when no one’s looking.
  • Service – we keep the families we work with front of mind!
  • Trustworthiness – we’re willing to do double the work to prove we’re the real deal.
  • Loyalty – once you work with us, you’re family, and we’re always there for family.

Add Referrals And That’s 50%+ Of Our Work

Our repeat customers and referrals are a huge part of our annual revenue, and we appreciate everyone. This is quite comforting for the folks just meeting us. It’s a confidence booster when you know you’re working with a home remodeler and builder of substance – proven and well-established through the greater Corpus Christi area.

Whether you’ve remodeled before or this will be your first adventure, don’t hesitate to Contact PureTree. We’re happy to answer questions, give directions to our showroom, or get you scheduled for an in-home consultation. Thanks for reading and for your time today. We hope to hear from you soon.

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