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April 19, 2022
Case Study

We Proved To This Customer That She Can Rely On Us To Deliver

Superior Results Over & Over Again

Nicole was no stranger to remodeling. She dealt with multiple contractors between her pizza business and her home remodeling ventures. But, none of them came close to the overwhelmingly positive experience she had with PureTree.

Whether she needed a minor sheetrock repair or a bathroom remodel, Nicole knew that she could rely on us to be communicative, clean, and efficient – and to deliver stunning results.

“Every time I need them, they’re really, really good – from the first time to the last time.”

Customer-Centered Design Consultation

Nicole was upfront about her tendency to get carried away with her ideas. She was grateful for her design consultant’s guidance and advice.

“Sometimes my ideas get a little crazy, and they help me with practicality and design,” Nicole said.

Nicole wanted a specific glass tile for the base of her shower. We came up with a way to incorporate the glass tile into a mosaic so that we could use it and still keep the shower safe. When it comes to giving support and guidance, PureTree knows exactly where to draw the line.

“They listen very well and do everything to incorporate what I want. I always get to choose what I want.”

Unfluctuating Quote

When working with other contractors, Nicole sometimes had them change orders on her – but PureTree NEVER changed the quote they gave her unless she initiated it. At PureTree, we make sure to include every last thing on your quote – no matter how small – so that we won’t need to make changes later.

“The quote is several pages long because they include everything – down to the trim on the edge of the bathroom tile. It’s very thorough and easy for a layperson to read.”

When we give you a quote, we make it as straightforward as possible and as detailed as possible. We want you to be able to understand every word – and we want this quote to include every single detail of the work we’ll be doing for you.

Conscientious Clean-Up

Nicole has four Great Danes. She found PureTree to be extremely accommodating of her dogs. They even managed to keep the remodeling area clean so that when she had a rescue dog, it didn’t make a huge mess of everything.

“I sometimes had a rescue that gets into everything, and they were VERY good about keeping the space clean.”

At PureTree, we treat your home with the respect and care it deserves. We try to leave your home as clean as we found it.

Crystal Clear Communication

Nicole was impressed by PureTree’s top-notch communication . There was no finger-pointing, no telephone tag, and no one was ever left out of the loop.

“I was on a group text that included the foreman, office staff, and project manager. Everyone was on the same page.”

The End Result

Nicole was thrilled with our work on her home and business and with our straightforward remodeling process.

“I recommend them all the time. They’re so easy to work with.”

In fact, a couple of years ago, Nicole stopped comparing our prices with other remodeling companies. She trusted that we were the best company for her needs.

“I don’t get any other quotes because I know PureTree will do a good job without any problems.”

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