If A Fridge Could Talk… This One Would
Tell You About Our INTEGRITY

June 24, 2022

At PureTree, We Do The Right Thing – End Of Story.

At PureTree, we do the right thing – no matter how hard, uncomfortable, or expensive it might be.

When we started working on this customer’s kitchen and bathroom remodel and whole house paint job, we had no idea we would end up buying him a new fridge door.

But at the end of the day, the customer was left with a positive feeling toward us, and we were left knowing we did the right thing.

The Mishap

During our work on this customer’s kitchen, a tiny fleck of paint landed on the fridge door. Like any good worker, conscientious about cleanliness, the PureTree team member got to work scrubbing it off. He scrubbed the gunk off. And then he scrubbed off the stainless steel finish. Oops.

His overzealousness with the green scrubby pad dulled the sparkle of the fridge door. On the scale of errors – this was a tiny one. But it mattered to the customer.


This wasn’t just any old fridge. It was a FRIDGE. It had all the possible bells and whistles a fridge could have – including a TV screen on the door.

Replacing the fridge would be a considerable expense. But not replacing the fridge would damage our relationship with this customer – that no sum of money would be able to fix.

The Question

It’s easy to minimize something that happens to someone else, but it’s usually a different story when it happens to you. At PureTree, this is our go-to question in these kinds of instances: “How would I feel if this happened to me?”

Suddenly, everything snaps into perspective.

We were hired to do a job, and in doing the job, we damaged our customer’s property. It didn’t matter how slight the damage was – it was something that WE caused, and we had to take accountability accountabilityfor that.

The Answer

The ONLY answer was to replace the entire fridge door. So that’s exactly what we did.

We didn’t hem or haw or think of excuses not to make this purchase. And we didn’t do it reluctantly. Because doing the RIGHT thing is

Doing the right thing is never easy, but customers don’t love us for taking the easy way out – they love us for taking the harder, right route.

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