How We Handle Any Oopsies During Home Remodeling Projects

June 24, 2022

See How We Decided To Handle A Broken
Window During This Major Home Remodel

Hint: We Take Care Of Everything,
Even If It’s A Whodunnit Situation

From time to time, no matter how talented and careful you are, things go haywire during complex home improvement and remodeling projects. With so many steps and variables, little issues pop up. Not massive blunders, but hiccups involving more minor details and specifications. It’s par for the course.

Let’s look at an easy example.

It’s a Monday morning. We’re smack dab right in the middle of a huge remodel where PureTree is opening this family’s floor plan to join their dining and kitchen areas, and the husband spots a broken window. 

Not a tiny window, but a giant newly-installed one right in the dining area that was supposed to be stunning…

The Homeowners Felt The Mystery Was Solved,
But We Weren’t So Sure

It was a giant picture window with a clear break in the middle.

The man was convinced one of our crew accidentally smashed the glass somehow during work on Friday and didn’t notice. And in truth, no one saw or mentioned anything about a broken window. It’s not one of those things you just walk away from.

But, at the end of the day, the situation came down to the homeowner’s word against ours – a remodeling company’s nightmare!

When you deal with less reputable Corpus Christi kitchen remodelers, you’ll likely be left hanging or tangled in drama you don’t need. 

Here’s what PureTree did.

Setting: Kitchen Remodeling & New Outdoor Kitchen

This was no small project; quite the opposite. We’d been remodeling their kitchen and building an outdoor kitchen area for over six months when this happened. The next leg of the project was to build an extension.

Thus, a lot of money was involved – $100,000 – and there were already a few other minor setbacks along the way. Of course, we resolved each issue without slowing down, but significant overhauls like these take a toll on everyone. It can’t be avoided.

Our Difference: We Do Right By Corpus Christi Homeowners

4 Ways We Stand Out Among Typical Contractors

How We Prove We’re The Right Remodeler For Your Project

PureTree Principle #1: Unflinching Dedication To Service

At PureTree, a dedicated service mentality is woven into the fabric of our Company Culture.

Step by step, throughout your remodeling experience with us, we aren’t going to lose sight of the big picture. You’re entrusting us with your home, money, and vision – and we aim for our performance and conduct to instill genuine peace of mind within you.

This particular family had already been through a six-month journey with us, and we didn’t want him to get stressed.

The Question Remained: Who Did It?

Who broke the window?

All we knew was this: it happened over the weekend. How could we tell? Because it wasn’t reported on Friday, and NO ONE in our company will risk their job and personal reputation for a window.

We asked if we could take a peek at footage from his security cameras, but he declined, so we had no way to prove it one way or another.

PureTree Principle #2: Loyalty

Doing the right thing for people and each other is part of our Core Values

We have a ride-or-die attitude regarding the folks we work for. Since he believed we broke the window, well, then that’s what happened. We decided to take his word at face value because staying loyal is more important to us than being “right.”

Resolution: We Paid For A New Window

We might not have broken the window, but we definitely would’ve shattered this homeowner’s trust in us if we didn’t take ownership of the problem and keep the project moving forward.

We didn’t want one broken window to be all he remembered about his experience with us… so we paid to fix it.

Did we ever find out what happened? Nope. But the project was a success!

PureTree Principle #3: Trustworthiness

Trust is fragile. It’s tough to create… and incredibly easy to break. When faced with a choice that might make or break your trust in us, we’ll go above and beyond to prove we’re trustworthy.

At PureTree, we don’t follow whims, egos, or “hearts” – we live our lives according to our principles.Thanks for your time today. If you have questions or want to know more about our remodeling services, reach out and Contact Us. We’re the Corpus Christi remodeler that always takes the high road!

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