Here’s Why Our Home Remodeling Process Is Less Stressful

November 22, 2022

How The Initial 3 Steps Of Our Process Make
Home Remodeling FAR Less Stressful

Let’s Walk Through How Everything Begins
Before Construction Kicks Off

Wondering what it’s like to reach out and contact PureTree for home remodeling and construction here in the greater Corpus Christi area?

If so, the first thing you should know is while we call it “sales,” we aren’t going to try and pressure you into buying anything. We don’t do that. Frankly, we aren’t focused on sales but on building beautiful, functional, and custom-designed solutions to meet your needs!

Let’s dive right in.

Step One: Our Initial Meetings

Whether you give us a call, walk into our extensive Corpus Christi showroom (Selection Center), or use our website’s Contact Form, our first goal is to listen to you! We want to get an idea of your vision, where the scope of your needs is, and, most importantly, whether we’re the right contractor for you.

Not everyone is looking for the caliber of custom craftsmanship, quality, and value we deliver. They aren’t looking for an award-winning remodeler and Superior Products. And that’s okay.

We’re also happy to answer your initial questions, address any concerns you might have about who we are or what our process is like, and give you the time you need. It’s our pleasure. We live and breathe our careers in home remodeling and construction.

Step Two: Your No-Pressure In-Home Consultation

After we’ve consulted on the phone, if it feels like a good fit, we’ll schedule a relaxed, informative, and insightful in-home consultation with one of our specialists. For the lack of a better term, we just call them sales managers or representatives.

But make no mistake, these aren’t newbies or people trained in sales.

  • All of our consultants have 5-10 years of direct remodeling experience.
  • They’re well-trained and know our manufacturers, products, and systems inside and out.
  • They’re also experienced in chatting and listening closely to folks just like you.

Our consultants will show up in uniform with an iPad (or perhaps a window case if the situation calls for it) in one of our company vans, ready to help. They’re accustomed to seeing what you’re looking for, getting an idea of your budgeting goals, and walking you through our various financing options.

If possible, they’ll take all necessary measurements at your home, or, in some cases, we’ll send someone else out to get these taken care of.

What are our contracts like?

Any fine print?

Any hidden terms, fees, or charges?

Any complex legalese?

No, no, and no. Our contracts are clear, concise, simple, and written in a language just about anyone can easily understand. And whether you decide to move forward with us then and there, or need time to think things through, or we don’t hear from you again, you’ll be glad you met with PureTree.

Step Three: You May Opt To Visit Our Selection Center

Many folks think about things, then come down to our showroom or Selection Center. This way, we can answer follow-up questions, clear up any details you’re unsure about, and make selections: cabinets, windows, roofing, doors, countertops, tile, flooring, materials, etc. Everything we need to make your remodeling goals a magazine-cover-worthy success.

It’s essential we lay out everything in detail to ensure it’ll all work together flawlessly—for example, flooring and walls, backsplash and cabinets, and so on. Or, if we get into home-building projects, all the relevant systems will be 100% operational.

Take The Next Step With PureTree

Reach out and give us a call, visit our Corpus Christi selection center, or use our website form to Schedule A Consultation. We look forward to hearing about your vision and remodeling goals. With PureTree, there’s no pressure. Just friendly, accommodating, and professional service. Thanks for your time today and for reading.

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