Check Out These 3 Awards We Won To Better Ourselves

November 15, 2022

3 Awards We’ve Won To PROVE We’re The Right
Corpus Christi Remodeler For Your Home

Explore The Ways Our Reputation & Accolades,
Benefit The Homeowners We Work With

Winning awards is just as hard for remodelers in the greater Corpus Christi region (across Coastal Bend) as for Texans in general. There’s a ton of competition! But for some homeowners, when it comes time to invest in their properties, they want to work with PROVEN, established companies.

At PureTree, one of the ways we prove ourselves is by putting in the extra time, work, and skill it takes to win a variety of local and industry-wide awards.

In fact, we’re the most highly-recognized home remodeler (and builder) in the area.

In today’s article, we’d like to look at just three of the accolades we have listed on our Awards Page.

Quick Note: What’s in it for you? The benefits of working with an award-winning contractor are the same as with an award-winning baker, artist, or interior decorator: peace of mind, quality, and personalized results. You know you’ll get exactly what you pay for and then some.

Award #1: Our Owner Named In Top 40 Under 40
By Pro Remodeler

Our Founder/CEO, James Maddalone, began “working” in home improvement at literally five years old. Of course, he was just helping his dad (a hands-on builder) replace a neighbor’s roof at the time. It wasn’t until 2005 that PureTree was born, and he began offering remodeling and construction work for locals. By 2017, we’d grown by leaps and bounds.

The community at Pro Remodeler appreciated this and recognized him as one of the top 40 under 40 in 2019 (learn more here):

“The Forty Under 40 awards are special to those of us at Pro Remodeler because it gives us an opportunity to celebrate something of paramount importance to our industry: young talent. They come from vastly different backgrounds, locations, and specialties, but it’s their stellar reputations that drew our attention and their innovations and accomplishments that earned them this award.”


By 2022, his leadership and our customer family helped us become one of the most decorated remodeling brands in the Coastal Bend area.

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Award #2: We Were Named In The “Top 500”
By Qualified Remodeler

Money talks when all is said and done, when you’re researching remodelers and home construction companies. It really does. You can say almost anything in marketing and advertorial content, but are they getting contracts and lining up projects throughout the year?

In 2021, we inched our way into the Top 500 by Qualified Remodeler (494), doing 75 versatile projects, including kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, roofing, windows, and home building (learn more here):


Screenshot from Here

You might be thinking, is this a regional thing? Nope. Those are rankings from across the nation. It just shows that we walk the walk at PureTree. Our success is partly thanks to our commitment to the Core Values that drive us and our homeowner-centric approach.

Award #3: We Were Named As The #2 Remodeler

In Corpus Christi By General Contractors Magazine

As you know, it takes a long time to build a rock-solid reputation, whether you’re talking about a person, a club, a politician, or a home remodeling and construction company. Project by project, detail by detail, ours today has been built with purpose and Meticulous Workmanship!

This is how we got into the #2 spot on the Best Contractors list over at General Contractors Magazine (learn more here):

“The firms discussed in this article.. pride themselves on great customer service and treating each home respectfully. The firms at the top not only have memberships in the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the Texas Association of Builders (TAB) but also have been featured in the press or other publications. Many have also earned awards in building homes that aren’t just cozy, but modern and chic.”


And here’s what they had to say about us (we’re honored!):

“PureTree has been offering services since 2005… Since then, the company has completed nearly 1,000 projects, spanning from small home repairs to lofty whole-house transformations. With so many projects, they’ve gained a reputation for being one of the top-ranked contractors in the country. By taking pride in their craft, the firm treats each client and project with “White Glove” service, attention to detail, and a true commitment to the customer’s best interests.“

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