9 Ways To Add Value To Your Corpus Christi, TX
Home With A Kitchen Remodel

November 8, 2022

Get The Kitchen Of Your Dreams While Also Adding
Value To Your Home

When most homeowners think about a kitchen remodel for their Corpus Christi, TX home, creating a functional space for their family is top of mind. But a kitchen remodel can actually do much more than that—it can also add value to your home.

In fact, the right kitchen remodel could increase the value of your home by around ten to fifteen percent, according to national averages. This increase could be a serious game changer if you’re looking to put your Corpus Christi home on the market.

However, before you start your remodeling project, it’s crucial to understand which upgrades bring the most value. Check out these nine well-known methods for adding value and making your kitchen a dream come true!

1. Add A Kitchen Island

You are missing out if your Christi, TX kitchen does not have a kitchen island. A kitchen island is one of those aspects that can significantly help your kitchen’s look and function.

On the one hand, an island adds more counter space and can be a great storage solution allowing you to be more organized. This provides extra counter and storage space and can also serve as an eat-in area or even extra prep space.

A kitchen island also boosts the aesthetics of your space by creating a focal point for your room. Adorn it with the right countertop, the perfect splash of color, or little accents to make your room pop.

Even if you feel like your kitchen does not have the physical room for a kitchen island, you will find that there is almost always a way to fit in one of these beautiful pieces.

2. Smart Technology

Including smart technology in your kitchen remodel is a wise decision for many. These smart technology pieces help make life a little easier, and they can make your Corpus Christi, TX, home something more valuable if you sell later.

Some of the smart technology gadgets you may want to include in your kitchen remodel are:

  • Smart faucets or motion-activated faucets
  • Voice-controlled lighting
  • Smart range hoods that are known for monitoring when the heat is too much, and the fan needs to turn on
  • Built-in charging stations for all your devices

The smart technology to choose from is endless, giving you a way to personalize your kitchen remodel to make it uniquely you.

3. Update Or Replace Cabinets

One of the simplest ways to add value to your kitchen during a remodel is to update or completely replace your cabinets. The option of which to choose is entirely up to you. However, if you find that your current cabinets are broken, splintered, or the like, then replacing these is often the best choice.

When you update or replace cabinets, you are going to change the entire look of the kitchen. Don’t forget to swap out the cabinet hardware to compliment your more modern look.

4. Replace The Countertops

Perhaps more than anything, your kitchen countertops get the most wear and tear. Every pan, dish, set of keys, or late-night homework assignment slowly but surely takes its toll. As a result, outdated or damaged countertops can drag down your kitchen’s overall look.

If it has been years since you replaced the countertops, it may be time for a new color and material. These days, more people lean towards bright and neutral countertops so that they can use any decor for decoration. The choice is yours, but selecting a look that will stand the test of time can future-proof your space.

5. Change The Layout

The best layout for a kitchen is a triangle. With the triangle layout, you have the sink, refrigerator, and stove in a triangle shape to allow for easy use. It is an efficient layout and makes it easier than ever to work in the kitchen.

If your kitchen does not have a triangle layout, then moving appliances and counters during construction can help. While it may seem like a serious remodel, it will pay off greatly in the long run, as you will find it easier than ever to cook and entertain in the kitchen.

6. Upgrade Appliances

When was the last time you upgraded your appliances? If it has been some time while you are remodeling your Corpus Christi, TX kitchen, go ahead and upgrade these appliances. You will want to ensure that you get appliances that are:

  • Energy efficient
  • Matching
  • Correctly sized for your kitchen

You may even want to consider getting some appliances that are considered “smart appliances.” For example, refrigerators with touch screens are very popular on the market. 

7. Add In More Storage

What is a kitchen without ample storage? It is a mess! That is why many Corpus Christi, TX, homeowners remodel their kitchens with the ultimate goal of increasing their storage.
You can upgrade your storage in the kitchen with ideas like:

  • Building a pantry in the kitchen
  • Having a lazy-susan installed in a corner cabinet
  • Using a kitchen island with drawers

The ideas are endless. But, if you have a place for everything to go, you will find that it makes your kitchen more organized and much more enjoyable!

8. Upgrade Your Lighting

The lighting in a kitchen should be bright enough to allow you to cook quickly and entertain. If you have tons of natural light, that is great — but many people find the natural light lacking. Upgrading your lighting can be a great way to add value and help you enjoy your kitchen much more!

Some ideas for upgrading your lighting include:

  • Add track lighting under the cabinets to allow everything to be seen easily on the counters
  • In-cabinet lighting is excellent for those with deep cabinets
  • Upgrade the current light fixtures to something more modern

Also, remember that using daylight lights is a great way to make every light in the kitchen appear more natural.

9. Include A New Backsplash

The backsplash in your kitchen can help transition the countertops from the cabinets, add a dash of color or personality, and even be a focal point when stepping into the kitchen. You will want to include a backsplash that goes with the overall theme of your kitchen.

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