8 Accessibility Ideas To Include In Your
Corpus Christi, TX Bathroom Remodel

September 29, 2022

Get A Beautifully Accessible Bathroom

While there are several reasons why Corpus Christi, TX, homeowners decide to remodel their bathrooms, accessibility is one of the most popular. Having a bathroom that is fully accessible is a safer option than trying to make do with a poorly designed space.

Dangers may be lurking in your bathroom that require an accessible redesign to remove. For example, a tub requires a person to lift their leg over into the tub – balance issues could result in a fall. Sharp corners, slick tile floors, or small spaces can all present risk to homeowners.

In these situations, a bathroom remodel can be one of the best ways to find comfort in your Corpus Christi, TX home – while keeping your independence. Check out these eight ideas for how to make your bathroom more accessible.

1. Lowering Vanities

If you need to sit in a chair or are a wheelchair user, reaching standard sinks is challenging. The problem is that many vanities utilize a cabinet underneath the sink for storage purposes, which adds height and restricts access at the feet.

One idea is to remove the blockade, aka the cabinet, to allow someone to simply slide under the sink so they can easily reach the faucets and use the facilities. In addition, you want to ensure that the sink height is 30 inches to 34 inches to allow for maximum accessibility.

2. Slip Resistant Flooring

A bathroom floor can be dangerous when it comes to mobility issues. To make this flooring more accessible for those who use this bathroom, installing slip-resistant flooring is the best option.

While slip-resistant flooring does not necessarily mean you will not slip and fall — it dramatically decreases the chances of falls. Some common types of slip-resistant flooring include:

  • Vinyl
  • Porcelain Tile
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Hardwood
  • Bamboo

Of course, when it comes to bathrooms, you can use any style of flooring, but many people opt for vinyl. This type of flooring comes in various designs, colors, and styles to fit the decor of your Corpus Christi, TX bathroom.

3. Install A New Tub

Rather than going with the traditional tub in which a person must lift their leg over to get into, there are several options for those worried about accessibility. These options are:

  • Walk-In Tub: A walk-in tub will have a place for sitting that you walk into, shut the door, and fill up with water. You have to step over a small lip; however, it is often not as high as a regular step.
  • Low Barrier Shower: With this option, you can almost walk into the shower, as though the shower portion is level with the floor. It is excellent for those who may have issues with walking and balance.
  • Walk-Thru Insert Shower: A walk-thru insert is placed on a lower barrier shower, offering a slight rise up into the shower. While the shower is easier to get into, many people find that the insert helps to keep water in one place.

4. Install Additional Safety Features

Making your bathroom accessible is all about catering this bathroom to those who need the accessibility. For this reason, there are several safety features that you can opt to include in your bathroom remodel. These safety features may include:

  • Grab bars on the inside or outside of the tub or shower and through various parts of your bathroom to allow everyone to grab should they fall
  • Adding in storage solutions that are mid-level on the wall rather than up high
  • Using seats in the shower
  • Placing grab bars around the toilet
  • Installing a hand-held shower so everyone can easily use this

The idea is to think about what you could need to make your bathroom safe and accessible, then find the safety features that will allow this to happen.

5. New Toilets

Standard toilets aren’t designed for those with mobility issues. So if you or your family are in a wheelchair, consider installing a toilet designed for ease of use. Installing a new toilet that meets accessibility guidelines can make a world of difference in your bathroom.

An accessible toilet is higher than your regular toilet. For a bonus, consider installing grab bars near your new toilet to help you get on and off the seat.

6. Widen The Doorway Into The Bathroom

If accessibility is the goal, then widening your standard bathroom door will help dramatically. A standard door entrance is typically 24 inches wide – too narrow to accommodate a wheelchair.

An accessible doorway usually measures 36 inches wide and can easily handle the width of a wheelchair.

7. Consider Motion-Activated Faucets

While removing the cabinet under the sink is one way to help people reach the faucets, many people still have an issue with turning knobs. Why not install a motion-activated faucet in your bathroom?

In addition, you will find that a motion-activated faucet cuts down on the number of germs found on handles or knobs from everyone touching them!

8. Upgrade Your Lighting

Improper lighting is one of the biggest reasons people fall or have accidents at home. If you do not have overhead lighting in your bathroom that makes the entire room glow, then letting this be a task you handle during your bathroom remodel is a must.

Many people find that placing waterproof recessed lighting into the shower/tub area can also help prevent falls from happening.

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