4 Ways We Stand Out Among Typical Contractors

June 23, 2022

4 Ways PureTree Is The Exact Opposite
Of A Typical Corpus Christi Contractor

We Do Things Differently Because We Care
About Results AND Your Experience

We continue to be a successful, well-known Corpus Christi home remodeler because of our sky-high standards and quick problem-solving process. PureTree is also refreshingly different.

We don’t operate like typical contractors because we’re not your average remodeling company.

Simply put: The remodeling industry’s status quo is Not our status quo.

We don’t believe in bare minimums.

Let’s explore four other ways we’re unlike anyone else and why this matters to the fantastic homeowners we work with.

1. We Don’t Want You To ‘Shut Up & Sit Down’

How many contractors REALLY want to hear your remodeling ideas, goals, hopes, and visions?

Honestly, too few.

They might exclaim they’re interested in marketing and advertising content, but when it comes time to sit down and chat with you, they basically do all the talking.

On the other side of the spectrum, we want to exceed your expectations, but first, we need to specify what they are. Hence, why we do more listening than talking in most cases. We’ll encourage you to spill the beans, put everything on the table, and fill us in. Only then will we offer our professional insights, suggestions, and alternative viewpoints to help build a picture-perfect transformation.

We’ve got to understand what YOU want for your home.

When our design consultant sits down and works with you to develop a plan for your remodel, we’re setting the overall tone for your entire project—a tone of open, Clear Communication and a genuine willingness to incorporate your ideas.

We always want to hear you.

2. Problem Resolution Is One Of Our Specialties

With complex, highly-detailed home remodeling, hiccups are bound to happen. Things go haywire. Issues, snafus, slipups – whatever we want to call them – are inevitable. Problems appear, but it’s all part of the process of properly rebuilding and optimizing space.

What matters is how your remodeler and their team handle them.

  • Do they apply temporary bandaids, or worse, cover them up?
  • Do they cut corners to avoid bringing attention to problems?
  • Do they wait to point them out to upcharge you later?

PureTree’s quality control and approach to solving problems set us apart.

When anyone on our team spots a problem, they communicate it. Because we can’t fix a problem, we don’t know exists. Our internal company communication is critical to our process! This is why we work hard to be great with both customers and each other.

At PureTree, our Company Culture is steeped in communication. When something doesn’t go according to plan or wires get crossed – we all know about it… right away, as a team. Whether a big whoopsie or a minor oversight, we work together to fix it properly.

Our focus is on finding a correct solution as quickly as possible.

And by quickly – we mean the SAME or the following day.

3. We Love To Follow Guidelines

Following the rules isn’t always fun. It can be a drag or a powerful asset. It all depends on your perspective.

For example, we look at manufacturer guidelines like gifts.

Not as just a bunch of nonsense or mumbo-jumbo that we don’t need to abide by.

Reputable, established manufacturers like the ones we partner with know their systems inside and out. To ensure folks get the most property and functional/aesthetic value from them as designed, they provide remodelers or installers with guidelines, so we get every detail perfect.

Beyond that, our vendors send specialists who come in and do training sessions with our teams, so we’re always up to speed on all the latest install methods and standards.

This way, we can consistently install Superior Remodeling Products with precise and exacting workmanship.

4. We’re Die-Hard Perfectionists With Eyes For Details

For us, a job isn’t complete unless every detail is LITERALLY perfect. Our teams are highly trained and know how to fixate on the bigger picture through the tiny details. Everything considered. Nothing overlooked.

For example, when removing cabinets, other contractors don’t bother to patch the holes left behind before installing the new cabinets.

This kind of thing doesn’t fly with us. We’re thorough.

When it comes to your remodel, we don’t take chances.

In fact, we have an internal system with each project where we take accurate pictures of every step of the process and post them to the team. Then we have group chats that include everyone involved so questions and concerns can be addressed immediately.

At PureTree, you come first. Not our bottom line. If that sounds good to you and you’d like to learn more about us, reach out and Contact Us. We’re happy to chat for as long as you need, listen to you, and schedule a free no-nonsense consultation if you’re ready. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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