2 Special Steps We Take To Ensure Projects Go Smoothly

November 22, 2022

Two Special Steps We Take To Ensure
Your Project Goes Smoothly

It’s All About Communication Between You
And Your PureTree Team

First, you should know that we don’t keep these steps (tools) to ourselves but happily share them with homeowners on every home remodeling and construction project.

Some folks are excited to get involved in the internal process, and some aren’t. It’s not uncommon for a busy family to deny seeing behind the curtain. It’s like choosing not to watch and listen as mechanics coordinate to build you a custom car engine. And that’s completely fine.

That said, let’s look at two special steps we take to ensure each project goes smoothly – two communication-based tools.

Special Step #1: Incorporating Internal Project Team Group Chats

Every project gets an internal group chat room where everyone involved is included: homeowners, product specialists, sales managers, project managers, and crew members. This way, they can text, send pictures, give/receive updates, and address questions to the whole team at once.

It’s great! You’ve got around-the-clock access to your remodeling team.

  • No wondering who to contact.
  • No scratching your head or feeling out of the loop.
  • No sense of being pushed aside.
  • No inconvenient scheduling.

And you can call or come down to the showroom anytime you feel like it as well.

Special Step #2: We Use Elements Of CompanyCam Software

CompanyCam is what’s called a ‘job site communication application.’ Your remodel will have a project room that’s more visual – where people involved share video and imagery.

So, for example, let’s say we’re in the middle of Kitchen Remodeling, and one of the crew notices an issue. They can quickly take a photo and share it with everyone.

We also update each step of the process with images, so the team is on the same page as the remodel develops.

  • Pure Tree Owners – our owner and upper management can easily tap into your project.
  • Office & Administration – they have everything centralized for supervisors and crew.
  • Your Project Manager – they’re always on top of step-by-step progress.
  • Your Product Rep – they’re always able to help with product/materials-related issues.
  • Remodeling Crew – can work together more smoothly and quickly create solutions.

What if you’re planning on being out of town during your home remodel? This is common when we’re doing massive overhauls involving Bathroom Remodeling and home building.

If you’re nervous, you can see exactly where everything is at. Not just through voices on the phone but imagery and conversations between you and your team.

Did You Mention A Selection Center?

Absolutely! We amassed a collection of all the top-quality products and materials on the market – and organized them to make the selection process easier. This way, you can choose versatile styles and colors without the headache of being bombarded by too many options.

Stop by at your convenience. Our staff will be glad to meet you, show you around, and learn about your remodeling goals. We can also Schedule A Consultation where one of our specialists meets you at your home. As you can tell, we’re easy to work and chat with! Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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